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Joint-Secretary of Bhavan's


            Shri Ashokbhai Doshi  is Joint-Secretary of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jamnagar Kendra.

Today one can rarely Find person who works, who gives services without expecting any rewards. Joint Secretary of Bhavan's Shri Ashokbhai Doshi is fortunately same kind of identity.


           Every vibrant, good and on-going institution is the lengthened shadow of a few inspired,able,efficient and dedicated individuals,The Bhavan's shree A.K.Doshi Vidyalaya is certainly the lengthened shadow of Shri Ashokbhai Doshi.The Jamnagar Kendra of Bhavan's under able guidance of shri Ashokbhai Doshi continues to record excellent progress is a matter of immense gratification.